Obtain more TYPE-Weapons (Originally made by Socks)


Morino_Ibiki said:
Note: Type Weapons are mainly just for novelty and not for real combat. The type weapons aren't very powerful, but they're good for show and have a decent grind. Not to mention they have no special, so they are for collectors mainly, or others who want a type weapon :p. (thanks to Sheik for posting something about it)

Socks said:
As you'll be (or maybe not be) aware of by now, each character can obtain a TYPE-weapon in The Beak's Cafe on the first try without actually guessing the numbers, but only once. The idea is to get 4 players together, each with a high level character capable of getting 500+ kills in MA3 Ver. 2 on Normal difficulty.

To see the maximum attack 3 quest page, click here: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2401

- TypeN-SL/SABER Description: A saber with slicer animations.
- TypeN-SL/J-SWORD Description: A TJS with slicer animation.
- TypeSW/SLICER Description: A slicer with the sword animation.
- TypeKN/BLADE (HU Only) Description: Daggers with knuckle animation (only has a 3 hit combo).
- TypeSH/SHOT (RA Only) Description: A white shot.
-TypeDS/ROD (FO Only) Description: A rod with double saber animation.

- TypeN-SL/CLAW Description: A claw with slicer animation.
- TypeJS/SLICER Description: A slicer with katana animation.
- TypeCL/CLAW Description: A white claw.
- TypeSS/SWORDS (HU Only) Description: White musashi.
- TypeRI/RIFLE (RA Only) Description: White rifle.
- TypeHA/ROD (FO Only) Description: Rod with partisan animation.

Note: In Maximum attack 3 ver. 2, you will have a time limit of 30 minutes (so you shouldn't dilly dally) and you cannot die once or the quest will automatically end.

Once you've started the quest (under episode 4 VR called Maximum Attack 3 Ver. 2), head out to the crater. To start open the gates in all areas, everyone has to click on the terminals, and select the top selection.

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... West-1.gif

So that a zu, or any other enemy won't kill the weakest players at the beginning, have them go to the west on the map where the red path takes them, and have them be wedged on the southern corner of the door.
If you're alone, take the blue path on the map below. If you have at least two members in the party that can clear the paths easily, make one take the red path (The strongest one is recommended) and bring the lower levels with the stronger one. The other person will then take the blue path. At the end of the room when taking the blue path, remember, do not take the warp to the north at the end. Though I suggest if there are level 1's coming along for them to go into the last room warp and stay there untill the others get there. The switches on the map that the paths direct to all open up a secret room at the end if all the switches are pressed.

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... West-2.gif

After you clear that area, all click the monitor and select the top selection.
In the Crater Interior area, just stick together as a group.

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... ck3/ci.gif

At the room with the warps, the map doesn't help with that very much. Take the left warp, then after that the left warp again. After that, just take the warp that you land on and you'll be in a room with enemies. It is suggested that low levels do not take the warp until the room is cleared. The crater interior area is pretty simple, just get through the area and head onto subterranean desert 2 (1 and I believe 3 are also available, but 2 is the best choice). Now there are two maps: Subterranean desert 2 solo, and multiplayer. Now either way, I suggest taking the solo route. You should get more than 500 kills if you take the solo route, and take the extra room as well:
-Subterranean Desert 2: Solo-

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... 2-Solo.gif

-Subterranean Desert 2: Multiplayer-

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... -Multi.gif

After you've completed the final room, either take the goal, or if you have enough time you can take the extra room. After the clicking on the terminal and selecting the top selection, you will be warped back to the principal's room. After talking with the principal talk to his assistant (the one to the right of the principal), there will be a number that will pop up. It can either be: 15 if you have 350 kills, 20 if you have 450 kills, or 30 if you have 500+ kills.

Now after this quest, form the same party in the same difficulty same episode. Under event quests, click on the japanese quest with "Ver. 2" after the title. once in the quest walk around until you find a warp that takes you to subterranean desert.

http://www.pso-world.com/images/guides/ ... Crater.gif

After warping there talk with the rappy in front of the computers. Make sure you have at least 1 free inventory space, and 20 or more points. You need 20 points to get a type weapon. After you talk to the rappy you will have four selections. The top selection shows you your score, which is good if you don't know how many lucky tickets you have. The second to top selection is unknown, the rappy just rambles on in Japanese. The bottom selection exits the conversation. The second to bottom is what you need to get the type weapon. After that, click any random character, just not the same one in a row. after three pings of the computer, you may select your type weapon. Refer to the working type weapons list above.

-Credit goes to Socks for originally posting the type weapon topic, Phaeon, for listing some of the working and non working type weapons in the past, and PSO-World.com for providing the maps.


Thank you so much for this guide, both Socks for making it and NDW for reposting it!
I saw someone pull out that TypeSS/SWORDS in an MAE and had to do a double take, thinking I was so intoxicated that my eyes were seeing the blue hue of a Yamato as white and had to stare at it for like 5 seconds to make sure I wasn't trippin' balls again! The person told me this guide was here and sure enough it was....I didn't even know that was a weapon cause the pic of it on the pioneer2 wiki looks a little distorted and it doesn't look like the shape of the Yamato/Musashi/Asuka. I'm determined to get one now! So glad it can be done solo on normal!