No ships! error

Hello all, i am a helping a buddy setup his psobb server and we are both lost at this point. we have everything setup in terms of the login server and ship server and such. Now, the error we are getting is that there are no ships available. When i look in SQL i dont see the id that it creates when running make_key.exe. Am i suppose to see anything in that table? The ship.ini settings seem okay. In the tethealla.ini settings, under mysql enter the localhost address ( or do i enter my ip address? Mysql host address by default is so i just wanted to be sure thats correct.

Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


If you are going to connect from other location (aka friend's house) I think you have to set your Server IP address in tethealla.ini to your DCHP address assigned by the router.
And the same for the IP in the ship.ini ... ?
The server is going to located at my friends house which i will connect to later (among other people) once its setup. Under MYSQL host in the teathalla.ini settings, the ip in that is suppose to be the ip of the mysql server correct? ( If so, thats how we have it setup. Now when we try to log into and make character, upon the ship selection says "no ships!" Does that have something to do with the settings in mysql or somewhere in the ship.ini?

Also, where would the ship key be within mysql?


Well.. you should make sure that the ship registers with the login server. If you get no ships then it's failing to register, you should notice it in the login and ship servers console.

The ship_key is stored in the table ship_data
I have "localhost" as ip for mysql, but it doesn't matter because if it's wrong the login will say it or close itself.
Ahh..yes. i see that now. I see wiithin the console it cannot read data from logon server and i keep getting socket errors. (10053, 0)
Any idea on what that may be? settings in mysql maybe?

Also, i have the ship_data table open and i do not see the ship key? This is what i have on ship_data when opening mysql workbench.


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Well yeah... you are missing the key in the db, run the make_key again and be sure that it gets added to the db... are you using the dat version for the make_key by any chance (just checking all options) ?
No sir. I am using the .bin thats generated. It gets generated within the folder but i do not see it in the database. Anyway i can manually add it?


What I meant with dat, was the binaries (executables) for the dat version of the server.
Although you can add it manually, you still have an error in your setup. I would rather fix it.


Did you create any account with account_add.exe? If you did, did it get added to the database?
If it did not, your database credentials are wrong or you are using the wrong executables.


Well that's a thing. But then I don't see why the make_key doesn't work.
Either way... to add it manually.

Open ship_key.bin in a hex editor
Copy from the offset 4 to the end of the file and make a new file with the copied data
Import the new file in the first column of ship_data
The second column should match the first byte of the original ship_key file (in decimal).

Note, for the last step I said the first byte because will be easier, but is in fact an int and would take the first 4 bytes
That works! Awesome. Thank you very much sir.

One last question and this is probably off topic but what would be the recommended bandwidth for hosting server? Connection speed?

Thank you for all your help.


Can't answer you for sure... but maybe 1-2 megabit should be enough for something small or is that overkill, someone?

Offtopic now?
Could you upload your make_key.exe to see if it works for me?
it works perfectly. I figured out the problem. i forgot to grant ALL privileges to the user i created in mysql... -_-

But thank you for all your help. Sorry for getting off topic there :p


:eek: just needs the "basic" 4 anyway... SELECT UPDATE INSERT DELETE ... don't do more than that.

Glad you figured it out.