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Edit by Sodaboy: NO, THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW VERSION OF TETHEALLA. See my post at the bottom of this topic.

Hello All. I know it's been long awaited. Thank you for being patient. As you may know we've shelved rewriting the server code (mainly due to project members having other commitments). I've been working on the original code and implementing missing features and making improvements. The releases of the next code and binary isn't too far off now.

With the next release you can expect to find the following:

Patch Server:
  • Not much to change here to be honest. The only change will be the ability to load the welcome text from a url. This allows for dynamic welcome message updates.

  • DAT file version of Login will be scrapped in favor of SQLite. Don't worry tools will be provided that will convert your DAT database to a SQLite DB. SQLite will remove the 2000 account limit that the DAT version had.
  • Login will prompt to create the database tables if missing.
  • Login will now send the ItemPMT.prs to the ships when they connect to the login.
  • Questitem.txt will be replaced with a quest specific item list.
  • Will contain the shipgate code for the extra features the new ship supports (such as team point exchange).
  • Welcome banner message can now be loaded from an external unicode file enabling different language messages

  • ItemPMT processing. No more need to export the tables from the ItemPMT the file is processed directly for all tables such as Event item unwraps, Technique class limitations, mag feeding tables, item combinations, team point information.
  • Team Point implementation
  • Team Point Purchases (Teth will be set like Sega. In that team member limits and team flag will need to be unlocked by purchasing the privilege).
  • Send Item to Team Member
  • Trade Window
  • ???? Bug fixed
  • Mag code more accurate to the client code (there is still a slight desync though).
  • Battle Mode Score saving and appear above players head in lobby
  • Improved bank code to reduce desync
  • Block user now working (this will enable you to stop simple mail and team join requests)
  • Auto Answer Service now working.
  • Join User will now join the players game if possible (passworded games can be joined by using the /setpass command in the lobby) (this doesn't currently support cross ship but will work to different blocks).
  • Various quest opcode improvements such as wrapping items in gallons now will wrap with the requested colour. MA completion now will update the global flag (something to bear in mind if you have used these flags elsewhere).
  • Menu generation functions. (so that admins can create custom menu systems with ease).

  • Sega's locked items unlocked
  • Lobby Image loading in lobby 1
  • Ability to set the stackibility of items.
  • Small text corrections.
  • Menu title support. (titles of menus sent from ship will now display instead of "Information" however if left blank the client will display "Information". This isn't currently used but will enable admins to create custom menu systems.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head at the moment but will add more as I implement more and/or when I remember.

Still to come:
Challenge Mode (although I could add this to teth I'd like to improve on dobermans code first before doing so. So, sorry but there will be a little wait longer before this is available).
Better ItemPT implementation. Although this will be improved in the next release it still has a way to go before being where we need it.

I'm close to a release of the code. I could release the binaries within a week or so but not quite ready to release the source.
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That's really good news!
I thought that this project was long gone.
Thanks for doing all this work!


Hi @all,

I know this post is quite old.. but it seems that as of today there're still a lot of things missing which were announced in this post. For example trade window or team points. Is there a server version I didn't found yet, where all these things are already implemented? What's the status of these implementations mentioned above? Or is there anyone who already implemented trade window or team points on their own and would like to share their work here?

Thanks in advance!

- Miyo


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There won’t be a new version of Tethealla. At least not from me. My reasons listed here:

tofuman most certainly doesn’t have time to release one either.

You’re in luck, though. Soly is working on a new server software which may or may not see the light of day soon.

Feel free to direct message him on our forums or the Ultima server’s forum.
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