Newbie to the server looking to get back into the game!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ThePewnSlayer, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. ThePewnSlayer

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    St. Louis, MO
    Hey guys, as the title says I'm new to the server. I played a LOT of PSO on the original Xbox and a LOT of PSU on the 360 but my last time playing either was something like 10 years ago. I played a hacked character back in the day cause I was too young to understand the inner workings of the game, but now I'm hoping some fine folks here can help me relearn the basics so I could join up with some people and relive some of my best MMO memories! Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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  2. Kim Jong Tsun

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    Good to see you joined us here on Ephinea. If you see a black and purple FOnewearl named Tsun say hi, because that’s me. I tend to act as support for new players so I’ll help get you on your feet. Anyways, hope you enjoy it here, the community is pretty good here
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  3. Archvile

    Archvile Arch/Luck++ ...sometimes

    Howdy, welcome to Ephinea! Although a small playerbase it is a good one so don't be shy to ask any questions or for people to run with you to help you ease back into the game!

    Hope you enjoy your time here.
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  4. Koh

    Koh Member

    Howdy partner, welcome to Ephinea :) I was in a similar boat several years ago, If I see you in game I'll do anything I can to lend a hand!
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  5. Darth Butt

    Darth Butt Member

    There is a lot of poor information from 2000s and early 2010s floating around, so it can be hard to find out how to play at a high level using just interwebs. If you have any general questions, feel free to hit me up on the forums or in-game (DarthHugs). I can also cover most Force questions and some Ranger. I am clueless about Hunters.

    Best thing to do is just start a game with a title like 'new player' or 'noob forest run' etc, and odds are someone will pop in and give you a hand, and maybe more. The community here is pretty amazing, so unless youre totally insufferable, youll make friends pretty quick.
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  6. Harborer of Hope

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    Tropical! <3
    Eeeeeeee!!! *POUNCES and examines carefully!* Didn't mew spot you in a room all alone and summoned halpful souls to you? Your Forums name sounds familiar =3. But as the others said, Yes, you'll find our community is a very supportive player based one so feel free to zone out and try re-learning Everything again at your leisure. 10 years away is about average for any new purrsons we get here too! Anywho....looking forward to pouncing and playing wiff you too dear! Welcome Home! =3
  7. Spuz

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    Welcome to Ephinea bro, if you want to play PSU sometime also, there is actually a server up for that also called Clementine.

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