Newbie Compile/error Question

Before anything, Hello all! I'm not an adept in any kind of programming but i have followed this project for a while and only recently decided to try and mess around with it a little (before all i did was mess with qedit and nothing more xD).
Anyway as i said I'm pretty new to these things so this will come as extremely "noobish" I can work with the Tethexe 12513 I apparently need to compile the login server with the changes on the tethversion 12510. I have been using the 12510 all this time without problems but now even after changing the Tethversion on the login server it doesnt connect with my ship. It simply says "Listenning" then "Accepted Ship connection from bla.bla.bla.bla" and imediatly terminates it "Terminated connection with ship"

Now im hopefull this has a simple fix and all this "problem" is generated by my lack of Knowledge/breaking things :lol:
So any ideas guys?

P.S. Sorry if there's much errors but english is not my native language.


if the login compiled without issues (and you didn't change anything else), i would say the error is on your ini files...
have you double checked that?

i have the config as follows (is not everything)
 Your IP address (This is the IP address sent to users who are connected to your server...)
# Use "auto", without the quotes, to have the logon server determine your IP address.
# Ship main port.  Clients will connect to this initially... but...
# Number of blocks to serve.  Ports will be opened as increments of the main port.
# Ex. Your main port is 5278 and you have two blocks.  The two blocks will be hosted on
# 5279 and 5280.
# Number of maximum allowed users.  Each block can hold 180 users... so, if you're only hosting
# one block, don't set this value above 180.
# The IP address or host name of the login server to register the ship to.
your private IP (ex: 192.168.x.x)
# Tethealla Server version 0.001 Configuration File 
# MySQL Host
# MySQL Username
# MySQL Password
# MySQL Database
# MySQL Port
# Server IP address to bind to (your private IP)
your private IP (ex: 192.168.x.x)
# Welcome message
Welcome to the test ship.
# Server Port (This is the port the login server listens on... it will also open port+1 for the character server... You shouldn't need to change this.)
# Max number of client connections
# Max number of ships
# Override IP (your public IP, leave 0 to just use the binded IP)
Thanks for the quick reply Soly! Unfortunatly my .ini files are pretty much the same as yours, in fact if i just change the login file with the unmodded version and use an 12510 .exe it works as intended... Does this mean its a compile problem?

My ship console says as follows:
"Reconnecting to login server
Connecting is sucessful!
Could not read data from logon server...
Socket Error 0/10053"

Edit: I actually got the source again and just used the login within it. It still doesn't work even without the changes, same error :/ only don't get an error using the login soda posted on the installation page >.< thoughts?


Maybe firewall? might wanna wait for Tofu or Sodaboy to see if they know something else
In the meantime these are 2 logins for SQL|NoSQL with v12513 (you still need all the other stuff, is just the exe)