New 'invisible wall' to stop the 'behind counter' lobby glitch?


This glitch has been around since time. Push yourself into the corner between a pillar and the counter in the lobby, get behind the lobby desk.

I imagine a smexy invisible wall of some description would put a stop to this!

This is obviously only a suggestion, as some people consider this glitch to be a cornerstone of PSO ;) (lol)

Obviously it doesn't really affect gameplay... But if we're not going to have random sonics running around then this would seem a logical progression.

Personally I'd like to see it patched. But if everyone wants to keep it - then keep it!


Staff member
If you want to patch this, by all means, feel free. It's a client mod. So you have to patch it for your client and put the files on your patch server to stop it for everyone on your server.