Music Disks


Viridian City
Please pardon the green question...but music disks that drop, do we just use them once in a random place & they disappear? Or am I missing a trick?


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You can use them anywhere. And they play a certain track of music. The disk vanishes. The music will play in the area you are in, thus if you warp out of the area it changes back to PSO's music.

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theres a certain degree of trial and error too. Lets say u has an epic disc you wanna use for a boss battle like Falz on hard+ and u use the disc at the spinning spikes stage...youre all hyped up and happy til the Final form, suddenly its default battle BGM. Same wiff Olga and ep4 boss stages. You'll also notice each area on pioneer has its own BGM. Shops, hospital, office, guild.... use a disc out at the bank area/etc then walk into shop....poof! music go bye bye =/.