Move Irene back in TTF


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Like, two or three feet. 80% serious suggestion. It's been a running joke for a long time but let's be honest here, does anyone actually appreciate the Irene snag beyond laughing at Player 2?

Anyway, I got pressured into making this thread, so here it is.


Wow, completely forgot it was a Player 2 thing. I'll need to remember that again. And yeah, a small position edit wouldn't hurt.


C'mon... you really want to remove the 2nd player challenge of not getting Irene'd ???

But yeah, that'd be nice xD


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as annoying as getting irene'd is, it holds a special place in my heart

also it's hilarious when i'm not P2 and get to watch someone get delayed for a few seconds cause they mash enter/down lmao


Guys... think of how Irene would feel; being put further away from everyone else... So sad and lonely... It's bad enough that Tyrell is always saying "check with my secretary Irene for details," and then everyone just rushes off to the warp, not even giving her so much as a sideways glance! She's about to give the most important and vital details of the job, only to have the best and brightest Hunters testing the VR to just leave her in the dust. Her time talking to Player 2 is probably her only chance to get some sort of interaction during her work day... and you guys want to take that moment away from her? So cruel! So heartless!

...Jokes aside, the whole Irene thing never seemed to bother me so much, but I can see how the hiccup of getting caught by her is a little annoying. I think the main issue with getting "Irene snag'd" is that you can accidentally over-press and then have to cycle through her dialogue again (or am I thinking of a different quest?). So~ moving her back is a simple suggestion and an effective solution; I think it would be a relief to those who prefer spamming TTF for experience.


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I always thought you could just hold right and never get snagged by her. She's never gotten me once yet.

Might just be a pad thing though.


I always tilt right on my left analog stick and I don't get Irene'd with my controller.