Monster Tally


Shot in the dark here, probably not possible but,

Is there any way that PSO tracks how many monsters of each type are killed by the player and could this be logged somehow so the player could see it ?

Just thought it might be interesting to be able to see a characters "Kill Count" as they developed through the game.

Thanks for the time and effort you guys put into keeping the server available for us :)


It would be definitely possible and actually easier than it seems... it would be nice to see it.


As I remember schtserv had something like this on their main site for xmas events, but server-wide for everyone. So it's definitely feasible for a single person count. I'm not sure how it's done but if it can be output to a website I'm sure it cant be that hard as Soly said.


This would actually be really useful for updating the monster enemy finding guide.


Although it (apparently) is only the "total" kills.

For an "all monster" counter you can have either an unused char data section or create a new blob in the char/account data table that will hold the data needed, and make the ship(login) save your kills and which monster you killed, the ship already checks which monster you killed for the rare_roll, so it's just basically reusing code.

If this ever gets done, a "tag" counter too, if you don't actually kill the monster, then have it that you hit it (which is already done for the exp too)