Monster Stat Changes- Not taking

I have been playing with the stat-editor (photo added for clarity) on the file BattleParamEntry_on.dat

I changed a booma to give 66 exp for reference and saved the file/ restarted the ship.

This exp did not take on the server. Is there a second file that requires editing?


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Login and Ship have the same set of files for those battle param... you will need to edit both.

One question from me if Soda/Tofu look at this...
Will this change in the next release (send the file data from the login)?
I also think the EP2 Online file is bugged, Normal through VHard are fine, but under the ultimate tab, on the ep2 files, you will see the ep4 monsters.

Any reason for this??


Well.. afaik, those files don't have monster names, not sure if they have IDs either.. might be just by offset. I haven't really looked at those files.
Better wait for Soda, Tofu or anyone else that has messed with them.
Are the two files supposed to match between the ship and the login server? Currently it looks like there are slight differences...

For instance, in the login-server versions, falz has stats. I would like to edit just the one, and paste them in both locations... not sure if this is OK....



Well... I have not messed with them but on Ultima they match (at least falz in normal xD)
From what I have seen in other files, the login files are sent to the client, while the ship files are for the server to be aware of what the client see.

So for example... if your login file says 5 exp, and the ship says 50:
The client "thinks" (file sent from login) that the monster gives 5 as exp so it will do (rate(1?) * 5)
The ship has that the monster gives 50 exp and will do (rate(1?) * 50)

The client will show +5 exp until you receive the updated data from the server (block reload, log on).

If Soda/Tofu/Someone else can have some input on this, would be awesome.
Are the ultima files the same format as these? Can I see those? This editor seems a bit odd at times.

How would you find the SET damage for things like the Vol Opt Lazer Smash, or Falz's 3rd form arm Swing?

Aleron Ives

The editor is probably looking at the wrong spot, as Dark Falz does not have zeroed stats on any difficulty. Hell, even form 3 has stats on Normal mode, even though you don't fight form 3 on Normal mode (at least on Ver.2). :p
Essentially, me and Nuclearranger are in the midst of messing with ep1 normal and found no place to edit the set damage of the Dragon. We found his attack and hp and resist/regular stats fine. But no place for set damage values at all. Such as his fire balls, his fire breath, underground attack. I imagine there must be somewhere to change them and its basically needed for the rest of the game if we're to do anything at all.

Aleron Ives

Most set damage is controlled in the movement section. Find large integer values and divide them by five. If the value matches the damage of a particular attack, you've found the field that controls it. Dark Falz's swipe is different. It's calculated as (ATP / 5) + (MST / 10) for form 3. MST also affects set damage attacks on many other monsters, even though you can control their damage values in the movement section, too (e.g. Hildelt jump and Canabin Zonde). I'm planning to include the monster parameters I've discovered so far in my upcoming QEdit manual, as I've been studying how to alter each enemy's statistics over the years.