Modified weapons/items per ship?

Hello everyone,

I've recently started hosting my own PSO:BB server again and started playing around with the PMT editor a little. Initially I set out to unlock class restrictions on weapons so that any class could use any weapon and was successful after some trial and error.

My scenario:
I have my main ship that runs all the time, however I've started toying around with the idea of having a second ship that runs during set time intervals (on weekends only to start) that has different settings (bonus exp, extra quests, different event, etc.), however as I understand it, any modification you make to any weapons/items/etc. is hosted thru the login server rather than the ship servers individually, making it the same across the board.

Is there any way to modify things on a per ship basis vs on the login server (affecting every ship attached to it) or could this be a possibility in a future release?


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The itempmt is sent to the client when you login. It is possible to sent different pmts based on time but the client would need to relog for the changes to apply to them if they are already logged in.

The plan with tethealla is that it will be as close as possible to Sega. So multiple itempmt's won't be supported.

Thanks for the timely response! I'm all for keeping it close to the original, just a thought that had crossed my mind when coming up with ideas for events on my server. Keep up the good work everyone, it is greatly appreciated!


If you are going to do that, why not just do it in all the server. I don't know but if there is a ship with events rare stuff and so on, I would definitely play on it instead of the default one :p
Just an idea I had to throw special stuff out there from time to time without taking away from what PSO is/was and ruining the entire flow of the game. I acknowledge that my players want to "mess around" from time to time and was looking to give them a way to do it in limited/controlled bursts without compromising the integrity of the core game/server.