Mob skills modifications


Hello Hunters,

I was wondering if there was a way to alter the level of skills a particular mob?
The Red Sinow Beat currently in game is very weak compared to the DreamCast one, and I would like to restore this foe to its proper strength.

Current Red Sinow Beat: Heals for 100 HP, Buffs with Shifta, Deband with level inferior to 20 (means it cannot rebuff after a Hunny debuffed it).

Restored Red Sinow Beat: Heals for ~500 HP, Buffs with Shifta, Deband with level superior to 30 (means it can rebuff after a FOmarl debuffed it).

Now that's how you restore the challenge to doing Endless Nightmare #3 :D
(The current Red Sinow Beat makes me sad.)


Staff member
You can change most enemy tech levels by editing the BattleParam files. The value you change isn't consistent at all across enemies (thanks, Sega), but messing around with the Unknown values for them will change them. (Lily Megid, Sorcerer techs, Dark Falz techs, Boota Foie, etc.)

... Except support spells. Enemies that cast Resta, S/D, J/Z are an exception to this, hardcoded for some awful reason (thanks, Sega), and have to be manually scaled by hardcoding your own changes to the client with ASM. The code for technique casting in particular is at address 773B05 in PSO's ASM. If you're that deep into changing PSO already, you can just scale the value with floating-point multiplication. ;)

Hope this helps!