MIRROR POST: KodiaX987's Sheet of PSO Personalities


I found this post on PSO-World, and I couldn't pass this one without a straight face.

Here's the quote:

KodiaX987 said:
HUmar - You'll have spiky hair and call yourself Goku.
HUnewearl - You're a sick horny man.
HUcast - You believe techs are a bunch of bullshit and have a strong dislike for any other class.
HUcaseal - You are a ninja fanboy and probably watch La Blue Girl whenever your parents are out.
RAmar - You just plain suck, for no particular reason.
RAmarl - You have a military girl fetish.
RAcast - You're a really lonely boy who seeks true love, but will never find it.
RAcaseal - You're a pervert who dreams of robot sex and believes maids are the sexiest things ever.
FOmarl - You desperately try to give the impression that you're cute and fun-loving when you really are a cynical and depressed individual.
FOmar - You like to dress as a girl.
FOnewm - You totally lack taste in clothes and often walk the streets wearing nonsensical stuff.
FOnewearl - You are a pedophile.

Thank you, thank you!
PS: I woke up my brother while reading this; epic lulz.