Miku's mag raising guide


As one of the best mag raisers there is, I thought I'd share my ideas for how to raise mags. I think it's quite simple and am often surprised by how much trouble others think it is. But anyways, here's how to make most mags:

Motivation/My opinion on the best mags and PBs/why they are so important:
Best mags IMO are either Nidra or Tellusis. Nidra boasts a 50% invincibility rate when HP is low or at full PB gauge, and a whopping 85% when entering a boss room. Tellusis boasts a 55% invincibility rate at all 3. So really Nidra is the best on characters where you rarely get your HP low or that don't benefit as much from getting their HP low, and Tellusis is the best on the other characters. Generally I like Nidra on FOs and Tellusis on HUs and RAs but either is a good choice on any character.

The best PB is called Mylla & Youlla or Twins for short. It is the best since at max IQ and synchro it gives a level 21 shifta and deband + 20 more for each other PB in the chain +more per donation, potentially giving the whole party up to level 81 s/d. This means all your weapons will do way more damage, especially fast attacking ones like mechguns or last swan. But there are other PBs and no 2 consecutive PBs in the chain can be the same so you'll want to have some other PBs and not everyone should have the same ones. Since twins is so good most people just use all the PBs in a hallway so no one gets knocked down and can't PB to make sure to get as good of a twins as possible and not care that they wasted the other PB. And as if that weren't good enough, also revives anyone that donates to it (though they will NOT get the s/d in this case). But the others have some uses so here are the others so we're aware of them, with things I've seen people call them also listed so in case someone says that you now know which PB they're referring to:
Farlla/Snake: Generic attack on the enemies in front of you.
Estlla/Fish/Dolphin: Similar to Farlla although mostly just better and more powerful the higher your evade is.
Golla/Moose/Reindeer/Deer: A terrible attack that seems to do a tiny amount of damage to 1 enemy. But overall a good PB since most people don't have it so that you can use a different PB than the rest of the party easily.
Pilla/Alien/Wings: Another attack, one that hits a wider area but doesn't go as far. Overall the 2nd best PB to attack with, only to Estlla.
Leilla/Angel: This does the same thing as Resta + Anti + Reverser.

So with this in mind, here is how to make your mag to make sure you can not only have good stats but participate in this epic and very important PB chain to help your party.

Mags gain stats from each item you feed them. These stats and their progress towards gaining a level in the next stat are the key to focus on so long as the mag is not yet level 200. It takes 100 points to gain a level in a stat and quitting the game or depositing and withdrawing the mag, henceforth referred to as "banking" will round down all fractional levels to the nearest 0.02. However, it'll start the timer for feeding the mag all over again so it may be time-consuming but in certain circumstances is actually a time saver if you know how to abuse it.

Section IDs matter! Viridia/Skyly/Purplenum/Redria/Yellowboze are the even IDs and the rest are the odd IDs. Wrong ID? Don't worry, just make a new character that is the right ID to raise the mag at the important part (generally like 50-70 but at least at level 50). You can also change your ID with /modsecid x, with replacing x with the new id you want to be in order to make the mag you want. However, if you do this, the mag will still show up as though you were the ID you were before until you log out, but then it'll fix the mag to be what it would have been if you were on the changed ID that whole time, so be careful.

I don't use trimates/trifluids/star atomizers to help raise mags (except if you're specifically a Tapas/Mitra/Surya as on those it'll save a huge amount of time compared to using monos, or if you're raising a mind mag on an android you can just give it all fluids and not care) as I find those to be more expensive than they're really worth but you can also use them to get a little extra stats. You can also bypass levels by gaining 2 or more levels at once. Mags will not do their normal evolutions at level 50 and higher if these levels are bypassed. By doing this it's possible to get the normally level 35-49 mags as high as level 199.

Leveling up:
Levels 5-10:
You'll need to decide right away whether you want a mag with pow and dex or with mind and dex. There are other types but I'll get to those later and most mags will start one of these two ways. For a pow and dex mag, you'll want to use 3 monomates, use a banking, and continue using monomates until it's 1 away from reaching level 10. But seeing that you banked it after the first 3 monomates (or any odd number of monomates, doesn't matter where), you can now use one antidote and still be at level 9. Then use 1 more antidote (or monomate if you don't have an antidote) and it'll get to level 10. Be warned this is the first main decision point where you'll get Farlla on a HU, Estlla on a RA, or Leilla on a FO and your evolution options for level 35 are locked in, and there is no going back. If this is messed up you have to start a whole new mag. And for the mind/dex mag it's virtually the same thing, although replace monomates with monofluids and antidotes with antiparalysis. Note that the mag will be forced to evolve at level 10 even if you bypass level 10.

Levels 11-50:
Here on the pow/dex mag just use antidotes (or maybe antiparalysis from 35-50, check the feeding table for your particular mag and the ones that gain 20 dex from antiparalysis will progress way faster using it), and antiparalysis on the dex/mind mags. Keep doing this until you're 1 feed away from level 50 but then here is one of the most important parts and easiest ways to screw up so be careful. You need to feed the mag on the right character so that it learns twins if it doesn't have them already. On the dex/pow mag this is easy, just reach level 50 using any even ID hunter and it'll become Ila and get twins. On the dex/mind mag you have 2 options. The first is that from 35-50 you slow yourself way down by only using monofluids so that it can have mind > dex and then an even ID FO can just make it into Kabanda and get twins that way. But the better way is to make use of that you'll only gain the 3rd PB if you're at an evolution that learns a PB you don't yet have. So you can use an even ID FO to get to 50 and it'll become Sita and should not give you a new PB as you presumably already have Pilla to have gotten this far. Then just give it fluids until its mind becomes its highest stat (still on an even ID FO) and it will then become Kabanda and learn twins. If you already have twins you don't need to worry about any of this but you still might want to check what class/section ID combo will let you get the next PB you want. Also note that at level 35 it will be forced to evolve even if you bypass level 35.

Levels 51-100:
Once you've reached 50 it's generally pretty easy since now you should have options for being able to just raise a single stat so you can just raise whichever one of the stats you want be feeding the right kind of items. Generally mates for pow, antis for dex, and fluids for mind. But on some mags you can get pow or mind faster by alternating monomates/monofluids and sol/moon atomizers but that depends on your mag's specific feeding chart. I also recommend have both the atomizers and mates that raise the stat you want so as to carry more items to raise the mag and overall get more levels per quest. Although you could just raise the mag in a room of standing around doing nothing else and then you can just buy the best items for it. If you want a special mag, it's best to aim for it right at level 100. Special mags, at least the non-cell ones, need 2 stats to add up to the other 2 stats in order to transform. Once you get any special mag it'll forever be stack as that special mag. Any nonrare mag will still be able to transform every time it is fed if its level is any multiple of 5. Generally you want to set up stats like 5/50/45/0 or 5/45/50/0 for pow/dex mags and then 5/0/45/50 or 5/0/50/45 for dex/mind mags but you'll have to check what exact stats will make the mag you want. I personally think Nidra is simply the best nonrare mag and care more about effect than appearance so I just go with Nidra which can be made with having any 2 stats add up to the other 2 so I rarely have to worry about which stat is the 45 vs the 50, but not all mags have this luxury. You can still get these mags at level 110 but be warned that then, in order for them to add up to evolve correctly, you'll have to get to higher stats like 5/55/50/0 and there is no going back down so you'll be forced to have at least that much of dex or whatever your lower stat is if you wait until level 110.

Level 100-200:
Generally this is the easy part as you just keep raising the stat you want more of with whatever raises it the fastest like you did starting at level 50.

Level 200:
Now that you can't gain levels, there's still some things that can be done. If you still only have 2 PBs, you can still gain another one (although I'd recommend getting the ones you want at as low of a level as possible so you don't carelessly mess this up). But other than that, now is the easy time to fix the IQ/Synchro. Look at the chart for your mag to see how to fix it but I've found I can fix most by just alternating antiparalysis and sol atomizer to fix Synchro, or just all Sols if both its Synchro and IQ need help.

My recommendation about normal mags: Make one with the ideal stats for your character at level 200, but also make a variety like 5/150-5x/45+5x/0 and then have a lot of mags like this with different values for x as that you can have good stats on your characters with a variety of different levels, materials used, and equipment.

Making mag cell mags:
Mark III/console mags:
Use the cell on the mag before level 10 and then you can get to 195 of a stat purely with just mates or fluids.

All others:
These should start out the same as any other mag but you may need a particular type to transform from. E.g. you have to specifically have a Kama. To make a Kama I usually use either an odd ID hunter or an even ID ranger with pow > dex > mind. Generally do this as early as possible to get the mag cell used so that you can not only gain more stats per feed once it is evolved, but also get more freedom in how you fill in the rest of your mags levels from this point as you're no longer restricted by things like pow > dex in how you level it up. So from here you can just do mates for pow, antis for dex, and fluids for mind until level 200.

Other mags:
Pure pow mag without using Kit of Mark III:
This is fairly simple albeit very slow and annoying. You want to use all mates, and ideally you'll want to bank after every single mate at the low levels if you truly want to maximize pow. The good news is you can use dimates starting at level 50 but the early levels are painfully slow, especially if you make it a Surya.

Pure mind mag without using Kit of Mark III:
Same as the pure pow mag except with all fluids and banking after each one at low levels ideally. Although on this one you may want to avoid Tapas as it'll make things really slow but if you really want the best PBs you may opt to go this route anyways.

Making Tapas/Mitra/Surya:
These infamously hard to raise mags aren't really as bad as some people make them out to be. You can still use monomates to slightly increase pow, antiparalysis to increase dex, and monofluids to only raise mind to pretty well fix up any potential issues. Other than this, I like to use a pattern like Sol, Moon, Trimate repeatedly to raise their stats a lot of the time. But whenever getting to a level that's a multiple of 5, use the aforementioned items that only raise 1 stat to get 2 stats really close to leveling up and then gain the 2+ levels with a tri or atomizer that raises at least 2 of the stats that are close to leveling up. This not only levels up way faster than just using pure monomates or monofluids but it'll help you keep the IQ and synchro up as well. Although if you want really extreme stats you may have to rely on the slow way at level levels but try to save some of the Sol Moon Trimate territory for the higher levels so as to fix the IQ and Synchro.

Striker units:
These are a unique type of mag for the sole purpose of using divine punishment with a heaven striker. These are somewhat restricted in stats so it may just be better to have a heaven punisher so as to have a mag with any stats but that's rare and expensive and a lot of people don't have one. So if you don't, you'll want to make a variety of striker units for leveling up low level RAs, or just one for your level 200 RA if you prefer. But these have to come from a Garuda, where dex > pow > mind at level 50. So you can aim for stats like 5/4/38/3 or something like that at level 50 by using mostly antis on the way there. Then use the heaven striker coat at level 50 and proceed to make a set of these of something like 5/4/51+10x/140-10x for different values of x. The dex is useful to be able to equip the HS at low levels, and the mind use useful to make the divine punishment deal more damage. So you'll need to use a very high dex one at low levels but can move up to more and more mind as you level up. Or if you really like androids you could just make an all dex one to equip at level 1 and not really are since eventually you'll be able to move to a heaven punisher instead and not care about thee striker unit mags anymore. Making a mind/dex mag for a heaven punisher is the same as the standard mind/dex mag mentioned earlier so no new explanation of how to make one will be given here. But you may also want a variety of those with various amounts of dex and mind to be able to equip your heaven punisher and have it do as much damage as possible just like with the heaven striker set of mags, although these do not need any mag cells to make which helps you by not requiring you to put any points into pow.

My RAmarl mags:
I personally dislike the suggested RAmarl plan and prefer to make a mag like 10/184/6/0 for them so as to be able to have all stats maxed out with Adept, V101, V801, and Red Ring at high levels so as to make better use of her highest evade in the game and have better resistances and better be able to use Spirit weapons. But this mag is a pain to make and here's why. The lower levels defense is the enemy and hard to gain little enough of. Start with monomates and banking after each if you're not feeling that confident about this. But from 10-35 you need to only use monomate, dimate, antidote, and antiparalysis and you can only use few enough antiparalysis that you don't gain any levels in mind. You can bank a lot in order to keep rounding down the pow a bit but you absolutely cannot misfeed any items here or you're probably doomed unless you've been banking since the very first feed at level 5 so you have extra defense to give. Once you get to 35 you can very slowly raise it with just monomates so you should be in the clear from there. These mags also have the flaw that they must have Golla but honestly I don't see that as a real problem. You can still get twins no problem. And it should be able to be a Kama no problem and I find the Tellsusis to be the best mag for this so you can use the cell whenever as it should always be able to be a Kama at level 50+ assuming you haven't used a mag cell yet.

The defense and mind mag:
This one really sucks to make as it's both very slow and easy to mess up. So never sell your 50+/0/0/150- mag for just 5 PDs as it takes way too long to make those for it to be worth it. these kind of mags are great for doing solo runs with your FO where you're unsealing and can still have good defense and MST while not really caring about your other stats as you plan to just spam techs anyways. To make these you just start off with all monofluids. You don't need to bank at all as the levels in defense you gain are progress for these. But once you reach level 50, you'll want to get to a table 6 mag so as to gain both mind and defense quickly with Sol Atomizers. Keep doing this until mind reaches level 50. But then you'll need to give it to a character where you get to table 4 so that you can just raise defense with antiparalysis. Although you may need to go to a table 4 chart slightly before 50 mind so as to be able to get pure defense before it's too late. Keep in mind that you can only change to table 4 during a feed at a level that's a multiple of 5. Keep doing this until 1 feed away from level 100 and then you can make it be Nidra or whatever you're making this into, but I prefer Nidra. If you want more defense than this you might want to use more antiparalysis and more Sols in the previous step until you get both defense and mind to whatever level you wanted. On Nidra you can still get about half defense and about half mind if you alternate levels with defense from sols and antiparalysis and mind with fluids. So you can make a Nidra that's around 100/0/0/100 if you want. Or you can slowly level it up with a cycle like monofluid, antiparalysis, sol if you want to get pure defense on your Nidra. So if you really wanted you could make a 150/0/0/50 but you'll probably find you rarely ever want that much defense anyways. But I do like having several variations of these sitting around so as to get max mind and nearly max defense on my FOs with a large variety of different setups.

This is mostly just for funsies but there are other things I would recommend knowing if you want to take some shortcuts. If you want to level up a mag as quickly as possible, start with 3 star atomizers, bank, and then keep using start atomizers. You'll get to level 9 with all stats at .99 of the way to the next level and then on one more, you'll already be at level 13 with all stats at 0.24 of the way towards the next level. A big head start if you are making a mag where you plan to put stats in everything anyway.

What, your mag has more than 5 defense? It's ruined? No! I make them into one of the following and there are other options as well.
1. A FOmarl mag. FOmarls have extra stats to spare at level 200 and so with my materials on her I have stats to give and can handle having some points wasted in defense and not really care that much on her.
2. A FOnewm mag. Seeing that one of his recommended mags is 55/x/x/59, you have a crap ton of defense to spare in order to make this so it's almost never too late for it.
3. I think there are some other mags that also use defense but I guess I just never make those so I don't know them. But you can check if your character has any as options.

Super bonus:
The real way to be efficient and get rich off of raising mags is to raise a whole bunch at once. You can stand in a room doing like 20 and then the first will be ready to feed as soon as you finish the 20th, even if you use the shortcut. The shortcut to feeding a mag faster is to close the menu and open it up again to bypass waiting for the stats to increase. As in like F4 enter enter enter F4, and repeat. Although I think raising like 20 mags at once is just so exhausting to most people I'd be impressed if you could this very long, but even just having 20 mags at like level 49 will get you a huge head start towards making mags that others may ask for to try to buy or that you may want to make for yourself and then you can just do one from there so if you can at least do a start of this it can really help you out.

What not to do:
If you multiclient and feed a mag and then quickly drop it and pick it up on a different client, it'll often show the time until you can feed it again as 0, even though you just fed. Because of this, you can just immediately feed it again, but if you do, that feed won't count and you'll get disconnected. So you're better off not trying this nonsense. But if you notice this does happen just do a banking and then there will be no problem when you feed the mag again. But yes if you really want to be as efficient as possible you can multiclient when changing which character will raise the mag to avoid the downtime of it sitting in the bank for a bit when you change characters. But you need 2 accounts to do this as it won't let you be logged into the same account twice simultaneously.
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