Mayflash adaptor fix to get the C-stick to work with PSOBB.


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Hi all,

My x360 controller died on me the other day, and I really didn't feel like buying another one because I have 4 GameCube controllers sitting around that are in perfect condition. I also have the Mayflash PC / USB adapter for use with Smash 4 on Wii U.

I hooked the Mayflash up to my PC along with a GCN controller, switched it from "Wii U" to "USB" mode, and mapped the buttons via the in-game options on PSOBB. However, the C-Stick was overly sensitive and would often cause the cursor to behave in an erratic manner when in the menus. Also, even after downloading updated drivers, there were no options in the Mayflash menu to adjust the sensitivity of the C-Stick. (You can do it in Dolphin Emulator, but not in outside applications like PSOBB.)

To fix this, I downloaded XPadder (THANKS ANIMU :eek: )and turned Keyboard Controls to "On" in PSOBB. In the PSOBB "Pad Config" menu, I made sure the right analog (C-Stick) was mapped to NOTHING. In XPadder, I mapped "C-Up" to my up arrow key, and "C-Down" to my down arrow key. At first it wouldn't work, but then found something online that said you have to run XPadder as "administrator" to get PSOBB to recognize it.

This fixed all sensitivity issues and worked like a charm.

If anyone else was trying to enjoy PSOBB using a GCN controller with the Mayflash adapter but ran into the same issue, please give this a try. It saved me $40-60 on a new controller!

ALSO: Back on PSOGC, it was possible to open the main menu with both the "Start" and "Z" buttons, but I couldn't do this at first. This was an easy fix. Just set the Start button as the Menu Open/Close button in game, and map the Z button to the "Home" key in Xpadder! :D

Remember: You have to run XPadder as the administrator.

Happy hunting!
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Xpadder makes everything so simple, I always recommend it to anyone trying to get any controller working.
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Lol ade I recently hooked up a gc controller too!
Just to see if I could make it work tho, because I have that wii u adapter thing for gc controllers. Turns out my gc controllers are far from perfect and have not withstood the test of time very well:(
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Well, if you download the most updated drivers from Mayflash, they should allow you calibrate the controller (for range, not sensitivity). Unless it's completely shot, you might be surprised!