Map traps: should they really hurt monsters?


(Not sure if bug)

I noticed that traps placed on the maps (i.e., enemy traps) do hurt monsters, too, when I trigger them.

Example: I run into a confusion trap. It confuses me as well as all the enemies that are close by.

Was this really the case on the original servers, too? I'm not sure, but I think I never noticed that this is the case at least on the Dreamcast PSO versions ... but it's so long ago, so I might have forgotten it.


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You guys think too much into the software code of the server, 90% or more of game mechanics are handled solely client side on this game, so yes, that was how it was on the original servers.

Aleron Ives

I think there's a flag on the traps to change whether they affect monsters, but I've never been able to figure out what it is. Some traps hurt monsters, while others don't.
Roaxes also suggested that Humans and Newmans weren't meant to be shockable, only Casts. He says they weren't shockable on Dreamcast and it would make sense, since the only monsters that can be shocked are the Mines robots. But if this is an error, it's a client-side one which Sega had plenty of opportunity to fix in the various releases...

Aleron Ives

That's true. Humans and newmans are immune to the shock status on DC, but Sega for some reason revoked this immunity on Ver.3 while not revoking either of the android classes' immunities (poison and paralysis). It makes no sense, but my guess is it was just part of Sega's traditional overcompensation for game imbalances. Androids sucked too much on DC, so Sega went the other way and made them godly.