Make mats red boxes


i was Huge fan of lck mats being red on scht. it helped tremendously, since they're so rare.

honestly i wish all mats were rare so drops that are stacked on top of one another can be easily identified as "not a mat! moving on..."

because having to drop items that you already have 10 of just to pick up an item thats double stacked to check if its a luck mat or pow mat, etc.. is time consuming. and as soda's sig says..(at least at the current moment) there's never enough time in the day.


קרטל אל
I have nothing against this, but why do people want PSO to be an absolute brain dead experience? It takes like no time to drop items.


just a "quality of life" kind of thing. seems like no one wants it, meh. just a suggestion!


very well thought out. bravo! i do agree with all your points. luck only would still be a major improvement imho.


i dont think should change it at all

unless he made an optional command to see red box mat or not

Aleron Ives

The red box flag for tools is in the PMT, so you can't control it with a command. It would be forced on everyone.


PMT data is sent after the client has been successfully authenticated and authorized by login server
a quick hack of login_server.c from tethealla_source_032111

red-boxed mats can't be accessible via quick menu
it's annoying in c-mode
that's why i don't like this so called QoL change on schtserv