Lowering enemies stats to one person modes stats


I'm not at all very experienced in things like this. Basically I set up my tethella server for only me to play offline with no one else *especially when I don't have internet* and I'm wondering if there's a way to make online mode enemies have the same hp and defense as one player mode enemies since its only ever going to be me for it. I've messed around with files but I never seen a config for lowering the stats of an individual mode. Slap me if I didn't look hard enough though cause I miss things that are in plain sight a lot. xD


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In the Login Server and Ship Server folders, there are files named BattleParamEntry(XXX).dat. These are the files which contain all the monster data.

There's 6 files for each Episode/Mode pair, which are:

BattleParamEntry.dat (E1 Solo)
BattleParamEntry_on.dat (E1 Multi)
BattleParamEntry_lab.dat (E2 Solo)
BattleParamEntry_lab_on.dat (E2 Multi)
BattleParamEntry_ep4.dat (E4 Solo)
BattleParamEntry_ep4_on.dat (E4 Multi)

What you want to do is remove the Multiplayer .dat files, and copy the solo files and rename them to their multiplayer counterparts. I believe this has to be done on both the Login Server and Ship Server at the moment, but I honestly dunno. Someone else probably does.


Afaik the files only have to be in the ship to track stuff for the logs, the files in the login are the ones sent to the client.