Looking forward to a clean start!

Hi all. :) Only figured out this server had started while looking for a Tethealla server update, you guys need to get the word out more!

I unfortunately had quite a substantial character loss on schtserv. A character that I had since the open beta of the official Blue Burst server sunk with the ship. Schthack was nice enough to have done a transfer of my character when official was going down, so that was one of my memories right from the start of everything (Thank god for the Tethealla server though, set one up privately just for the purpose of replicating my old RAmarl as accurately as possible).

It's really nice that everyone's starting from scratch again on a proper server though, going through Caves on Normal with a couple of low level characters without ridiculously overpowered mags and weapons was something I've not done for many years. :)

Hope this sticks around, looking forward to seeing where the server development goes!

If you see Piglett/Piglette around, come say Hi.


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Hi! I saw you on yesterday. Nice to see you around and my condolences for your loss... But, welcome to Ephinea! I do hope you continue to enjoy your stay here. :)

We'd love to get the word out more, but not sure how to do so. You know, joining other server's sites and posting about it just seems rude... we'll brainstorm about it today, though.

See you around!!!!


Hey InfinityPig, Welcome to Ephinea, sorry for your loss over at SchtServ.
I hope you enjoy your time here and that you'll become a familiar face!

Good luck and Happy hunting!


Welcome to Ephinea!

I'm planning on ways to spread the word about this server. I sent messages to 120+ people about this server and I'm starting to see some of them play here.

I had lost a lot from Schtserv as well. However, I'm actually happier that I get the chance to start fresh with everyone here. I hope this server lasts a long time and becomes heavily populated.
Nice one, happy to see. :)

The /r/PSO subreddit is pretty barren but I've posted on there regardless. 1000+ subscribers though I've no idea how many of them are active, so hopefully that'll be something.