Leaderboards and "View My Career" coming soon...


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I'm working on getting leaderboards on the website...

Here is an example of how they will look: http://ephinea.pioneer2.net/lb.php (this isn't updating now because I'm not running the generation regularly right now..)

Note: This is just an example (made with real data), though there were some bugs when I exported this leaderboard.

For starters, I've only been logging leaderboard data since 4 days ago.

Secondly, it hasn't been logging confuse traps and items used correctly. Nor has it been logging multimode games played correctly.

I've corrected that in the code that will be applied tomorrow...

But soon, leaderboards will update on the website in intervals and you'll also be able to view extended data on your character.

There are other leaderboards planned like C-mode clear times and the like... but I haven't gotten around to it yet...


JK hate paused, busy!
I made some of the leaderboards therefore this is the greatest thing ever.

But this is really cool. And it shows me how crazy some people are. I can tell that Yellowboze dude wants the good shit, lol...70,000!


Very cool and interesting stuff. Are you going to add play time (hours)?

CTB said:
I can tell that Yellowboze dude wants the good shit, lol...70,000!
The box destroyer guy? Yeah that's 700k not 70k... crazy...


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If you have any other ideas of things to track, let me know...

On my list of other stuff are:

C-mode times,
Battle wins,
Battle defeats,
Photon Blasts used,
PB donated,
Weekly Kill Counts,
Most Popular Quests,
Most Popular Classes,
Most Popular Section IDs,
Highest Hardcore Characters

Some stuff can't be tracked, though, but any ideas are welcome... thanks.


JK hate paused, busy!
Photon Drops found
Go Go Balls scored (BECAUSE)
Healing Rings used (not possible?)
Fastest Time Completed (Quests with Timers - excluding Cmode)


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All of those are possible... Though not sure if I really want to track times for all quests... haha. I'll think about that one.


Can we get separate stats (on a separate page) for Hardcore mode? And maybe the Challenge and Battle mode stats on a third page, as they are shared between Normal and Hardcore players?

And for Hardcore: instead of "Times Died", "Level When Died"?


Now this is quite the interesting and would be nice to see. Surely looking forward to it.
By chance will there be a sub-listing category to where it will only display Hunters, Rangers, or Forces separately (with "All" being what's shown now) and an option of curiosity?


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Right now, sorting and the like isn't possible as the data isn't real time. It is just something exported by the server when I tell it to.

It'll probably be generated at regular intervals, but I'm not sure if I will allow it to query in real time with sorting yet. I would have to see how the performance is with many people trying to generate stat pages all at once from the database.


How is boxes destroyed measured? I have a hard time believing that my level 25 character destroyed 191,786 boxes. :p


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I could have got the wrong packet for that one then. :p I tested it and it seemed okay for me.



now it's time to flex on that coren
its a race to blow the most money now B)

i wonder whats inflating those box broken stats so muchnvm

also thx for updating leaderboards, its such a fun feature n_n
I've donated over 1400 team points and woz, our teammate, has donated over 2000. Why do we not appear on the team points leaderboard (or anywhere else at all for that matter)?

edit: Ah, I guess points donated before the leaderboards started don't count.
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