Larger textures crashing?


Playing this game on a 4k display is a bit grating when it comes to the textures.

I am having some trouble replacing them though.

I figured I would go about updating the Now Loading texture (ultimately want to replace the HUD), simple, quick to test.
I replaced the static portions with DXT1, no alpha, no mip-maps, but at 512x512 res.

The game crashed...

To verify that it wasn't the Photoshop Plugin I saved the image with all the same settings except at 128x128.

Well that worked, and now I am wondering if this is possible.

How do other high-res mods work? I have a few map texture updates that definitely have 4x resolution assets in them. Is this a UV issue?

Aleron Ives

The game has always had problems with supporting big textures. You probably have to use trial and error to determine the largest size allowed for each texture, one by one. Remember that PSO is a console game, so the PC ports still have many limitations that native PC games do not.


I don't think that was the information I was looking for. Is there any knowledge of what is crashing, if say its an expected texture size or a mismatched UV mapping?


Lol well like ives said, PSO kinda has issues with handling textures larger than what it expects for any specific tile. So its very likely the size yes. Unless you can find documentation on textures (try asking like @Echelon maybe) you'll have to troubleshoot slowly and go through and find what works.
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