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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kodoku, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Kodoku

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    I have a monster gaming rig atm but i'm sick of it. I can't move around the house or use it at a place while i'm out. I don't really like the mustard race anymore, my brother and sister both play xbone. I don't need a fancy ass back to the future device but something that's capable of running games like pso, stardew valley, and maybe csgo. so yeah what would you lovelies say i pick up? preferably something that'll last me and wont cost my organs to repair if possible :^)
  2. Alakaboom

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    MSI laptop. I use an GE72 2QD Apache Pro and it works but won't replace a gaming rig.
  3. Spoon

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    I'd bring a flash drive with PSO on it and test it on any laptop you might be interested in buying. See, PSO is a game from ancient times, but there's really no telling how it'll run on any given laptop. I've been impressed by poorly-specced ones, and I've been disappointed by ones that can run much more demanding games well.
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  4. conenubi701

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    Spoon is right on the money with this. PSO is so hit and miss with modern hardware, especially laptops with dedicated GPUs. Personally, I would hold off for a bit and try one of the raven ridge apu powered laptops from AMD in the near future (zen cpu cores/vega gpu cores on a chip).
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  5. Miho

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    Don't buy a new laptop.

    Buy a refurbished HP Elitebook.
    Specifically, an HP Elitebook 8770W. Jesus fucking christ I love that laptop.
    It's about $500-$600 on ebay.

    Specs as follows:
    Intel i7-3720QM @ 2.6Ghz HT Quad-Core
    Nvidia Quadro K3000M 2GB DDR5 Video Card
    2.5" SATA Hard Drive

    Its video card isn't the most powerful, because it's a CAD card, but it's more than capable of light gaming in the form you've described. the processor in it is a 45Watt chip, but performs on par with an i5-7500. It can hold up to 32GB of RAM, though 8GB should suit your needs. If you can, get one with a solid state drive, or buy one of your own (~$40 new for a 120), then get an upgrade bay to replace your DVD Drive with a mechanical hard drive to supplement the SSD.

    What I especially love about these laptops is how durable and serviceable they are. Unlike your modern gaming laptop, you can access nearly every part with a single sliding latch (rather than disassembling the entire case to get to the motherboard), and they're built like tanks. Composite and metal bodies, reinforced hinges. Shit's built to last.

    If you do so choose to buy a new gaming laptop, stay away from MSI and Lenovo, and Razer. Cheap, flimsy garbage, overpriced and (especially with Razer and MSI) horrible support. I'd take a refurbished business-class laptop over a cheap consumer-grade any day.

    Just don't expect fantastic batter life from it, though that's to be expected from a gaming laptop as well, if you're playing a game on a laptop it should be plugged in anyways.
  6. Bonesy

    Bonesy it me

    Arid Zone
    yeah avoid lenovo i have friends who have had nothing but issues with them

    real talk my neighbor has one and i don't know how it still works it's such a POS
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  7. shadow_FIX

    shadow_FIX ephinea music instructor

    what's your budget?
  8. Hex

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    I've used a Surface Pro 3 with pretty decent success
  9. Kodoku

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    Thanks for the suggestions everybody some really good stuff here. I went with an Hp pavillion a bit pricey but it works like a charm, although if anything what Miho said is spot on +rep.

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