lang.ini question about list of languages

legit nyck

Please I would like to know all the languages that can be inserted in lang.ini Some members in my server complain that they can't type in their language, Chinese and Russian but I would like to know what are all the languages I can add in lang.ini, please send me the list of languages to put in this file thx.


Pso Tethealla no have support to anothers languages in the game? Only english? The IME Jp is dissabled? No have support to Asian languages?

legit nyck

I have the Lang.ini file in my server all the possible languages are inserted himself so nobody in asias can enter in their languages.


open up the 1.25.13 exe with a hex editor:

go to offset 0x440786

you will see the following 3 bytes:
9C C3 8E

change them to:

A8 83 8F

them not being to type has sod all to do with the server.