Just another ancient veteran.


Keelah Se'lai.
(I'm horrible at introductions.)

Bly te kenne, my name is Tali. I've been playing PSO ever since the DC, moved to GCN and have only played a few times online on the Xbox. I am extremely new to the online aspect of PSO, but not the lore or basic aspects of this marvelous game. I recently played PSO again a few days ago and figured it was time to join an online server. So I must say thank you to the people running this server. <3

I played PSU for a bit, but I'm constantly on PSO2. Unfortunately, PSO2, while amazing, just doesn't live up to the experience of the first. Hopefully I can make new experiences and stories while I'm here; thank you for having me! I had a level 70 HUnewearl on the gcn, but I'm going for RAmarl this time. Love me some shotguns.

Thanks again and have a wonderful evening. <3

Harborer of Hope

That Others May Live!
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Thank you guys!
I recently just had my first playthrough with a couple of online veterans and the amount of kindness through this server is fantastic!
*POUNCES and examines closely!* Ooooo Tali-san sounds like a Keeper! =3 Glad your first experience here was a positive one! Welcome Home!!