IGA's PSO Server


The IGA a non-profit (We are an actual 501(c) 3 public charity) focused on doing good through gaming has started testing of a new PSO server. We plan to make modifications to the game to allow for more costumes at some point along with developing a control panel, more automated events (scripts that run boss battles and the like) as well as make this game an enjoyable experience like it once was (and still is on other PServers.). We are still very very early in testing and actually just have a basic PSO up right now. If you are intersted in testing please PM me here or contact a member of the IGA support staff who can generate you an account for testing (We hope to have public registration open very soon but our support team is rebuilding the registration script right now.)

Site: imagogame.com/pso
Support: support.imagogame.com


Staff member
Good luck on all this. I don't think you've done any research at all into the PSO code as some of what you're intending to do isn't actually possible without major changes to the assembly code of the client. (Ex: Scripts that run boss battles out of nowhere.)

Seeing as you guys are having some trouble even getting a registration page going for your game, I think a lot more studying is needed before you can say what you can and can't do with the game. Otherwise you're going to end up on the list of many servers and people who claim they're gunna revitalize PSO with this and that (grandiose list of changes), then never follow through and end up with another random server that just shuffles drops, edits rates, and calls it a day. (Nobody really cares for those outside of a week or two.)