Ideas for a quest


Hi , I thought about making a quest tower like from ep2 but on ep 4 . I mean a quest where we only hunt zus, dorphons, girtablulu and Astarks. Is that possible or is that against ephineas rules?.

pd: btw I can´t make quests I m not programmer but its an idea for someone to make


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Okay, so you are basically looking at an ep4 equivalent to that of ep2 tower in terms of the big enemies being the spawns. Where the only mobs you see are the ones you listed above. If thats the idea, then the quest would be rejected. This isn't one of those servers that launch quests that are only put up to more or less hunt xyz enemy.

While quests to facilitate hunts are welcome, quests to abuse them are not. Also, this quest layout would need a patch to the server to even include Girta into the enemy pool where Dorphons/Astarks are also present.
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