Hi, I'm Marmalade and I do a thing which consumes my time.
I enjoy programming in C++ and have worked on a couple of MMORPG's in my time, anywhere from hack prevention and bug fixes, to content and game design.
I draw a lot of my inspiration from Phantasy Star Online and Universe, especially the map design in PSO!

I'm super excited to see Tethealla is being worked on again. My soul died a little when the forums got locked waaay back, so mad props for picking it back up again! I also approve of this Tales theme, and I can't wait for Zestiria.

I hope to play when I find the free time to. I'll probably play Ranger like the scrublord that I am, or a Hunter, not quite sure yet. Also, Gnome smells like a bottom. <3 u babby.

Hope to see you in game :>