How to setup a MySQL server for Tethealla? (Guide request)

Fire AKA Drazn

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I've been looking for information on how to do this for a while now, but couldn't find anything useful.

Specifically, which of the many versions of MySQL to install and how to install it for Tethealla 12.5.13.

Bonus points if someone can cover port-forwarding, however I personally already know how to do this. It would just be useful for anyone else wanting to try this.


Right now I can't really compile all the steps you need (with my own examples, I'll see if I can do later on) but
Get MySQL Community Edition

Look up how to create a database and do so, then import the .sql file that comes with the login.
After that's done, create a new user and grant permissions to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE in the database you just created.
Note: there are several examples in the link for accounts and permissions, you really just want the 4 permissions I listed, the server needs no more than that.

And that's it, the MySQL server should be ready to go.