How the heck do I compile!?


I have a zip file that has the entire source in it. I have used that to place the files where they need to go.

I did not get my download here for my main execution file that installs the game. But I doubt that has anything to do with it.

I do not have any folders like login server or include. I have to either create those folders or the compile has to. I have placed every file where it needs to go in the past and it never worked. I then got a newer Microsoft visual studio (2013).

I tried to edit the def_tables to edit the experience values and that did not work even after I saved it. I was told I had to compile it. I do not want to go back to the same problem I had before. In the past I did everything I was supposed and even when it said success it said I was missing a file or it did not match. I tried going through the settings but everything was where it should be. I even restarted the computer.

Nothing worked. The files were all named properly and still nothing worked. I was not missing a pbd because when I clicked build it showed success.

I do not want to have to take every individual file and move it to different locations. I just want to copy and paste the source that has all the files and just drag them, but I know I can't do that because then it says they cannot be found. All those files either go into the server folder or the login_server folder, or Include. I don't want to have to copy and paste like 60 .lib and .pbd and other file extensions and move them one by one. Heck, I had a hard enough time getting the 3 icons in the right spot. I figured everything went in how it showed, but it doesn't. It makes me think it goes how it's set up, but that's not the case. Just because the 3 icons show outside of all the folders does not mean they go directly in the server folder. They go in a folder that is inside of a folder. I believe they go in include or debug.

Microsoft Visual Studio cannot be that shallow that it will not set up all the files and folders for us automatically. There's no way Microsoft is that lazy that it will not automatically sort the files for us. We should be able to extract the source and let Microsoft sort out those files automatically. What am I missing here?


If you HAVE TO move files around, then you are doing something wrong.

You have said several times you don't want to deal with the lots of files this involves, but you have to in order to compile, debug and run a server.