How compile tethealla?


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Yep. Compiling the teth project is no different to any other Visual Studio project. Once Visual studio 2008/2010/2013 is installed open up the sln file (if you are using 2010/2013 the project will be converted by visual studio) then hit build.


I have this problem: i use Dev C++ to compile Login_server.c, and it gives me a error: 263 [Warning] `align' attribute directive ignored

in this line of code:
typedef struct NO_ALIGN st_mag
	unsigned char two; // "02" =P
	unsigned char mtype;
	unsigned char level;
	unsigned char blasts;
	short defense;
	short power;
	short dex;
	short mind;
	unsigned itemid;
	char synchro;
	unsigned char IQ;
	unsigned char PBflags;
	unsigned char color;
} MAG;  //<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ERROR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Can someone upload a compiled login server for exes v1.25.13 ? Thank you :)


Ok i have a issue a long time ago back when i first started my own server i used to be able to compile the servers no problem and not it wont compile i keep getting errors. i dont know if its because of the latest version i downloaded here (seems to be allot of issues with the files up now compaired to back then) or my visual studio is broken lol any suggestions before i go reinstalling everything >..<


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Depends on the issues you are having. You may just need to recompile the decencies first (md5 and mtwist).


Best Visual Studio Release to Work With?


I haven't been using MS Visual Studio but have been running into issues recompiling...

So I'm going that route as recommended in this thread, is there a version you would recommend? I'm in a STEM program so I have access to MS Dreamspark Premium so I can get the program in the 2005 through 2013 editions for free, I think they're adding 2015 to the service soon too.

I'm really only asking because I know MS is notorious for releasing versions that are occasionally worse to work with than the predecessor.

Thanks again!

(Stupid sounding question I know, but I'll admit I'm just tinkering and not remotely proficient yet.)