How Are Ya Starting?


Man this feels like Pokemon, where you choose your first monster, so how would you get started playing this game? Like, how would you hit the ground running on this server?

I just felt like making a bunch of androids because I got tired of TP Materials and high level technique disks. The human/newman experience is not worth repeating for me. I'm sure hunting an S-Parts v2.01 will be a hard enough hunt as it is for now.


I've just gone for my usual RAcast, big beefy pew pew mofo.
I'm not quite sure on my future hunting plans, will be good to join others on their magical hunts.


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I started with a RAmar, but strangely, Androids are way easier to start with than Human or Newman to me.

They hit hard and are accurate, especially the Hunter Androids.

Only thing that sucks is later on, you have to be real good at dodging or sticking near a flesh person who can cast Resta on you, 'cuz those Trimates and Star Atomizers (if you happen to have a pile) can only last so long!!


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I'm starting with a RAmar as my main -- I love the high ATA he has. Once I raise some more mags, I'll be making a FOmarl and HUcast.


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HUmar. Breaking the 15 year tradition of starting off with a RAmar on every new iteration of pso. (Pso v1, GC, Xbox, Schtserv bb)


I'm starting out with RAmar. Highest ATA potential out of every class.

Easy to play as solo and in a party with others. My RAmar will be able to find items to help equip my HUcast and FOnewm.


Racast all the way. I jus cant do anything else for a first class, you always go back to your first love ;) ... may the pew pews be strong with you. next will be a hucassy/cast . I may have a problem >.<


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I tried starting with a FOmarl, but that just turned out to be a tad too difficult - and so I picked my all-time favourite, HUcaseal, again. Hits hard, is accurate, and looks great.
Starting with a Ramarl for the first time, instead of my usual Hunewearl. Hoping the ease of being a ranger will assist me getting my other chars geared when the time comes.


I am rocking a RAmarl the first time around. I was going to play HUcast but I had to wait for my controller to arrive, and I find it a challenge playing with the keyboard, so a ranger was a little easier. Now that I have the controller might still stick to this character. Really feeling the ranger life especially for starting out new.


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Starting with a HUcast personally as I've done with previous PSO versions. I've always just like the raw power that they possess honestly. Probably will make a RAcast at some point too (Yeah, I'm kinda partial to the android characters).


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HUcast is just so fun to play, with all the damage you output. I've made a RAmar too, since yay ATA and guns and stuff.


I plan to make a HUmar again just to relearn the game mechanics and drops. The combat in this game is really fun and unique.


I am finding cast more appealing than I used to. On DC I played Fonewm and Humar, on GC Fonnie mostly but then tried a hucaseal and got hooked on the traps. So I am going with the much maligned Racaseal as it is a nice cast to solo early on while i refine my skills. Purplenum to take care of my mech requirments.

I will want one support FO for groups so might try a Marl but probly Fonnie again. I like the simple tech boost.


I've always played PSO ranged (either FO or RA, though also played HUnewearl for a bit, but even that one I ended using handguns more than the melee options), this time I've decided to focus on melee (HUnewearl again, but actually using melee weapons), and so far I've been enjoying this.


I started off with a RAmarl. I love being able to solo things in the event I can't find anyone, and the support abilities to level 20 are an absolute huge help. Things started off slow, especially since I struggled to find a Shot in the Ruins/Vol Opt. For now, I'm only working on one character until I get bored of it, in which my other options of creations are a HUcast, a casting Force and a melee force.