Hi there.

So, this morning I woke up with the EP4 ending music playing in my head very strongly, which lead me to check the PSO reddit and finding out about this server. I played for a good chunk of time in SchtServ, but it's probably been well over a year since I have played BB (any recent attempts in the past several months had been met with the launcher infini-loading). I've pretty much taken another break from PSO2 for a while now (sorry, team :x), as it's just too grindy, not exactly challenging or fun in the right ways (I have a feeling I'll play it again sometime in the future).

I'm not sure how much I will be playing on this server and with others, but I figured I might as well give some background of what I've played before as far as PSO. I'll see you guys around.


I want to wake up to PSO music in my head instead of my alarm clock or my son shouting that he'll be late to school if I don't make breakfast...

Welcome and stuff. I'm another Schthack refuge. There's a handful of us from the looks of things. The waters just feel... nicer here.
Hi, Red. It's nice to be playing this again. I'm keeping to myself at the moment (I doubt many people care to watch me brute force story quests starting at level 1; I didn't really feel like immediately seeing about getting carried in ttf or similar quests), but eventually you might see me around the lobby. :)


Welcome to Ephinea! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

I look forward to seeing you in-game!

Good luck and happy hunting!