Hardcore and Standard Character Slots in Launcher?

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Hello Devs, Admins and Staff,

First I would like to thank you for making PSO playable again. You guys are doing great work and I appreciate the community you have built. I am grateful to be able to play a game that I cherished.

I know that Hardcore/sandbox/standard are all aspects of account creation and I appreciate that you guys went through all the effort to make these different game modes.

I love hardcore game modes. The way it makes you change your play style and adds a new layer of tension to movement, positioning and gearing is positively addicting. That being said some monsters have skills that can 1 shot you even at max/high defense/res and skills that cause automatic death. Death is a part of PSOBB. Hardcore is not a matter of "If" but "When" will this character die. This makes late game or Hunters road missions pretty untenable for HC players who have to burn through scape dolls at an alarming rate. It feels a more punishing rather than challenging.

I just had a few questions regarding the difficulty of moving the account creation feature of game modes (HC and Standard) to the character slot selection menu in the launcher and adding a few features.

1. would it be possible to add HC and standard character slots to the launcher? (friends tell me to just create another account for standard play but I figured I would ask first)

2. would it be possible to do a one way transfer from HC character slots to standard ones?


3. Would it be possible that upon death of a HC character, that character be moved to a standard slot and lose access to rarity & drop rate bonus and HC item banks (much like POE Hardcore Death)

I feel that the loss of the bonus and access to HC bank items would still be enough of an incentive to make death in HC sting and thus keep HC a challenge but, also supply enough of a safety net to encourage HC Play for those who are on the fence.

these are just a few ideas I doubt they are possible but I thought I would ask. Thank you again you guys rock. Keep up the good work!!



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No to all three.

If there would be any conversion of character or mixture (shared bank) from HC to Standard, the bonuses from HC would have to be gone from the very beginning to be fair.

Since HC has already been implemented with boosts, it won’t ever be changed.
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