Game closing to desktop



I have a friend who's game closes to desktop randomly, whether he is logged in lobby, in a room, or even sitting at the main menu not being logged in. Tried DEP fix and still nothing, he's the only person I've seen with this problem and I'm super stumped. Has anyone seen this happen and know a cause?
Im the friend he is talking about. Little more detail on it.
I have a brand new computer win 7 64 bit.
I5 4690k
Nvidia GTX 970.
32GB ram
Asus 797-A mobo.

I have run the game in admin mode, disabled sound, changed the resolution to the native resolution, ran in both full screen and window, and set everything to run with win xp sp3 compatibility.

Just changed compatibility to sp2 and still crashes.

EDIT: I downloaded and installed the launcher for ephinea and it works just fine. No crashes. But I am unable to play with my friends on Waytim's server. It just crashes to desktop every time I try to do anything.

EDIT2: Here is the dropbox link for the dxdiag ... g.txt?dl=0


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when the game crashes check the log folder in the game folder. If you start the game again the logs clear down so you need to ensure that you dont attempt to run the game again before grabbing the logs. The log you'll want to take is the error.log. If nothing is logged there it could be something else killing the process such as your AV. ensure that not only is psobb.exe added to the scanning exceptions but the behavior exceptions too. I've had AVG kill psobb.exe randomly and it ended up being the behavior protection (although ended up getting fed up with dealing with the AVG crap I switched to Avast and haven't had a problem since. So if you're running AVG I'd recommend looking for another AV).
It was my AV. I had added it to the exception to webroot, but that was not enough apparently. Finally I just chose to completely disable protection. So its been fixed. Thanks for the assist.