Fodra now properly logging Fiasco kills...


Staff member
So, apparently, when I did the update yesterday morning, I forgot to update the Fodra ship, but did update the other two ships. Could have sworn I did all 3, but must have did one ship twice. (Woops!)

As I explained in the Summer Event topic, Fodra was NOT logging players' individual kills as event kills nor was it adding to the event counter.

I'm, unfortunately, unable to know exactly how many kills each player did individually on Fodra in Fiasco, but I was able to guesstimate at the amount of total kills should have been added to the global counter based on the number of times Christmas Fiasco was completed.

We won't be compensating players on their lost individual scores for this mistake, but we have went ahead and added 50,000 kills to the global event counter.

I apologize sincerely for this mistake and hope you will still enjoy the event!

Thank you, players of Ephinea!