Feature freeze, bugfixing phase

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as a dedicated cmoder I am sad, that we get all kind of sometimes useless features, yet the small bugs/glitches which are in the server since ages are being overlooked.

The following bugs were observed in c-mode, can't say if it works in n-mode (besides the unit ++ glitch) cause I hardly play it.

- units should drop with -- -> ++ (this makes a huge difference, would also be nice for normal game)
- set boxes have multiple problems:
- sometimes they bug out and dont drop at all
- set weapons ALWAYS miss their grind-values
- sometimes they drop the wrong items (e.g. c6 there is a box-room with 3 boxes, of which one should drop mate 100%, the other two have a CHANCE for TOOL, but on this server it drops 3 mate 100% instead)
- item tier for units seem off sometimes, but i am not 100% sure about it. (like general/arm in c3 - but again...maybe i am wrong on this one)

Kuromori, Yu


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Hi there!

Unit modifiers like +/- have been discussed before, you're not alone! Unfortunately they caused a bug which apparently was not easy to fix, otherwise it would have been done a long time ago. Actually, I've been playing for so long now that I've grown used to not seeing them. But maybe the powers that be can take another look into it when they have time.

As for 100% drop boxes sometimes not dropping items, I believe this is fixable but it's a bit time consuming. Basically, someone like Matt would have to be told what quest, what specific box in what specific room, and what item is supposed to drop for each instance, and then he'd have to Qedit them in one by one. If you can supply all the specifics, then that would be the first step in seeing some of them fixed, I'm sure.


I`ve bugged matt about this already apparently the quest files are fine.

the client is ruining everything for somereason?


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Quest data is identical to that of V2/GC, so it's a little strange that results from the box drops are different. Unfortunately I can't really help with that one.
But - the items are generated on the server - so...maybe the server is interpreting the bits wrong? (ignoring the grind-bits) Sometimes even bugging out completely and not generating an item at all. (or maybe that is related to packet loss...)

About specifics - i could provide some boxes for some area - one probably would be enough to debug this.
I have to update my wishlist, probably this is TOP priority:

- fix all crashes introduced in the last 6 month. I have the feeling the most crashes probably surfaced around the time when VoIP was introduced, I know VoIP has been rolled-back already, but the crashes still are way more than 6month ago.

(Crashed just now from a c-mode game, that is why it came to my mind)


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Lol at this guy.

I remember this is the same guy who was like OMG LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY FULL SCREEN 640X480 FONTS.

With a topic title "Feature freeze, bugfixing phase" and in your OP the text "that we get all kind of sometimes useless features", this topic comes off as some sort of demand. I realize some of the things you mentioned in your OP are important and should probably be fixed eventually, but yeah... I don't really like your attitude.

Also, I'm sure a lot of people enjoy the "useless features" that get added, even if you don't. Look forward to more features being added before your posted bugs are fixed, BTW.

P.S. I'm glad you're crashing often and would actually prefer if you played somewhere else.
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