Error: 916 - Server is full


So I successfully set up a local server and it ran fine.

I'm now trying to set it up on a VPS and whenever I connect it goes fine through the patch screen and then I get the error:

This server is full.

I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2 on the VPS with the mySQL version.

I notice on my local server that the client will get further than this even if no ships are running so I guess it's a login server issue?

The login server window shows my connection is accepted.

Any ideas on how to fix would be much appreciated.


Staff member
Make sure your Windows Server 2008 R2's Firewall is set to allow all 3 programs unfiltered access to the internet.

Then, make sure the hostname or IP address is set correctly in your EXE. You can use the tool I've provided in the "Tools" section of the forum.


Yeah there's a bug in Tethealla for this that causes awkward issues on higher latency connections which I have located. I will probably post a fix eventually that should also reduce ingame freezes and crashes.

Well, once the new release gets public at least.


Ah, it seems it was an issue with the SQL import. Did it from phpmyadmin and now it works fine.