error 903?

So I'm trying to setup my own psobb server, ive used the noob friendly.exe maker and followed the directions for the install of the server to a T but whenever i go to connect to the server i get the dreaded 903 error about the patch server failing, I can't seem to find a fix does anyone know what could be causing this? I rent a full dedicated computer from datashack, i tried with the firewall off and on and even added all of the psobb server .exes (login, ship, and patch) to be allowed through the firewall on both my personal pc and the server pc but it still gives me the error.
its set for localhost on each of those, for each, the server is hosted on our dedicated computer should i change that to the actual of that computer then?
yeah i switched it from the 127 to the actual ip and it work but no the issue im running into that its saying my .exe is old and to update it via the patch downloader but when i click on the download patch button it says there are no updates. any idea o-o?


Use the client patcher that soda posted on the tools subforum (or hex edit the client if you can get your way around it)
The version in the login server should be something like TethVer12510 or TethVer12513 so you need to set that in your client.
If you want to be sure which one to use, hex edit the login and search for TethVer and it should pop up the version string on it.