Equipment Set Shortcut


Is there any way to make a menu for armor sets and a shortcut menu to switch between them for convenience sake?


Toxicest player
Not sure if it's possible yet to edit the game in that way.
The fastest way to switch armors right now is to press F2 to bring up your equipment menu and change it from there.


I doubt it would be possible... I mean, would be nice to have a short-cut to load a defined equipment set, but since every un-equip you do gets send to the server, it would be quite a challenge.
PSO2 has something like that, but you can only change while in the lobby
(I know BB doesn't manage inventory in the lobby, just saying that you can not change while on the field over there.)


pretty sure inventory slots are managed by the server but you might need to change blocks for it to take effect. i lost a few items due to desync a while back. this might be possible


Well, that's true. The only thing you could have for this (afaik) would be a series of commands (is there a way to add a custom menu?) that would change the thing server side and you would have to reload blocks but that's kinda wonky, you would have to make the server keep track of your sets and ofc invalidate them if you no longer have the items. tbh Is not that hard to press F2.