Episode IV Title Screen not shown on Tethealla PSOBB client.


It's a very minor cosmetic Issue but i've been trying to make it run on the Tethealla servers both Mine and Ephinea and havent had much luck so far.

I want to make the client load the Episode IV title screen (it's pretty much the same PSOBB title screen but with the EPISODE IV subtitle and updated Copyright informations) I already figured out that in order to tell the client to load the EPIV title screen a registry modification is needed:

Specifically it's necessary to add this to the PSOBB registry settings:

I already added this entry to be created at the install.reg file automaticly and it's working flawelessly on the latest official PSOBB.exe from SEGA!
However the Tethealla EXE is ignoring this parameter completely.

Maybe there's a way to make it run somehow?