Episode 2 Drop Tables and Player Blacklist

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    There's currently a poll/discussion on the forums regarding a proposed rebalance of the Episode 2 drop tables. Further details and the vote may be found in this thread, we would appreciate input from as many Ephinea players as possible!


    Furthermore, a unitxt update has been pushed through to emphasise the current player block functions.

    You'll find the "Block Sender" in the Guild Card menu has been changed to "Blacklist Functions", and here you can blacklist any player to:

    - Ban them from joining any game you are leading (they can still join games you are in if you are not the game leader).
    - Block any incoming mails from them.
    - Hide their speech in the lobby and game.

    The flavour text while highlighting "Blacklist Functions" has also been changed to explain this ingame.

    While these features have been here since 2015 (or early 2016), the ingame text was not updated to reflect these changes so many players were not aware of it, so hopefully they are now.

    Please note that you cannot block any moderators (people with cyan names) using this feature.

    I would also like to note that harassment is a punishable offence, so if you believe that another player is toeing the line, it is advisable to report them to the moderation before blacklisting these players, as players who go around constantly harassing various people are not welcome here.

    That's all for now, enjoy playing on Ephinea and get ready for the Easter Weekend! :eek:
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    Yup ... so much for writing about it.
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    How cryptic.

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