End of Scavenger Event and HBR Change


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This maintenance has been completed, please check below for the original post.


Hello Hunters,

We will be having a short maintenance at 17:00 UTC to take down the Summer Scavenger Event and change the Hunters Boost Road.

We hope you enjoyed the event!

The Hunters Boost Road will be changing to the following quests under Episode 1 > Retrieval:


The Scavenger Event Shop will also be available until 18:00 UTC (1 hour after the maintanence), so please spend any remaining badges you have then, as they will be deleted sometime afterwards.

We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
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Love three of these four quests. Unfortunately, Lost Hell Pallasch is a tepid, low-enemy-count quest with an attempt at a forced "split up the party" mechanic that can be easily bypassed by using Ryuker / Telepipe. This results in four players fighting enemy waves that were designed for two players.

If only there was now a Ruins 1-3 quest ending with Falz that had good, chunky spawns all throughout like the other three "Lost" quests in Episode One.

*cough...get rid of LHP and add Road to Nowhere in Ep. 1 Lost HBR...cough* <_<

Before you say it's not a Hopkins quest, I want to mention that, in RTN, Hopkins IS an NPC on Pioneer 2 :p . Also, gameplay consistently is more important than storyline consistency. RTN "feels" more like a "Lost" quest than LHP. Sega really dropped the ball with LHP and did a poor job. I think a regular Ruins run would be more exciting than LHP, unfortunately.

Either that or convince Ives to give us back Lost Havoc Vulcan (which was created before LHP and is therefore the official canon Ruins Lost quest imo). Not to mention it's way better than LHP.
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would you consider leaving the badge shop for an extra day or two? it only lets you claim the PS once per day


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would you consider leaving the badge shop for an extra day or two? it only lets you claim the PS once per day
The point of the event was to farm the badges evenly, so leaving it open longer would punish the people who hunted efficiently while benefitting those who stockpiled known badges. It would undermine the efforts of those who followed the initial premise and would be unfair.