Duplicating question. Please satisfy my curiosity (Against server rules, I know)


Awesome Aswesomeness
First of all, I know its a bannable offense, and that any attempt in doing so will be logged. I am not attempting to recreate the bug, I am just asking out of curiosity.

I know the Console version of the game had a bug that could be exploited to duplicate items (Using the NPCs, shops and bank to trick the game). Is the bug also present in the BlueBurst version of the game, and/or also in the server's code?


Yeah, that glitch was fixed in Ep 1 and 2 Plus, and I believe it never returned from then on out. Second time I've seen someone ask that this week. :)

Honestly, if you need items, it's probably best to just go to the trade section and buy them from someone. It's much easier haha. Just go find some PDs and then trade for what you need.