Disable Episode IV


I know it sounds a little bit strange but I would like to know if it's gonna be possible in the newest release to enable/disable specific game features to offer some sort of progression to the players of the servers (similar to how sega used to do their update roadmaps)

For example as the title says I would like to disable Episode IV from the lobby counter and allow players to create only Episode 1 or 2 rooms at the very beginning, similarly I would like to just show certain quests and enable new ones as the time passes.

Thanks for your time


Staff member
You could do this by recompiling the ship to disable Episode IV, of course. You could also edit the client's menu, most likely, to disable it.

As far as the quest menus, that'd be configurable on your end too. Through the ship's code or removing quests in the quest.lst files.


Id rather prefer to do it through server-side for a more seamless integration, maybe would be great to make settings like that a parameter in a option.ini file of some sort?