Database structure in the next release.


Hello guys, I'm planning on starting a small PSOBB server for some friends and I want to use the MySQL version of the server.
However I'm not sure if I should wait until the latest source or use the current SQL source to compile my own server executables, the reason why it's because I'm not sure if you guys plan to change the SQL database structure once the newest source is released or the changes will be only for the server emulator?

Thanks for your time!


If there is any plan to modify the SQL database structure eventually, the release should include a tool or a script to migrate data to the new format, so there's nothing to worry about.

I would not recommend using the .dat version either way as there are server crashes happening due to bugs in the server software with the handling of data with these files.


Staff member
Hello Neirene. The SQL structure will be changing slightly. However not to worry because we've added code to the Login which will automatically upgrade any SQL tables once the new login connects to the MySQL database. The changes to the SQL database wont break support for the old login either, so should you wish to roleback to the old login for any reason you can.