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Discussion in 'Skins and Mods' started by MagicLuthee, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. MagicLuthee

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    Sorry, I might post a new (remade) SVG someday.
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  2. AKD

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    Out of curiosity, what did you use to build this? I'm looking to obtain or make some SVGs reflecting the customize/palette actions icons (mostly for techniques).
  3. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I went all in and bought a subscription to Adobe Illustrator. (It's around 40 euro per month which is right at the limit of what I can afford, but it's a really good piece of software! Free alternatives are just not at the same level of ease of use / possibilities)
    So you want to recreate the techniques icons in SVG ? Go for it !

    I did them in a somewhat acceptable fashion some time ago in Illustrator, they're a part of my HD/HiRes PSOGC/BB UI mod I'm putting together, but haven't released SVG for them.
    Here's the current PNG version (@4x PSO texture resolution) : https://github.com/eleriaqueen/pso-...6x256_2aad6f54db4e8976_c28268bbdfa09436_9.png

    I'm planning on re-making the highlight effect in the first post because it's actually bad by my current standards.
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  4. AKD

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    No problem, that is helpful, thank you. What I'm putting together is an academic endeavor of sorts in attempting to use absolutely no image files (so I learn more about using SVG in HTML), and it's obviously themed for PSO. Practically speaking a high res PNG will be acceptable for the product (and a very capable placeholder until I can SVG everything).

    e.g. Imagine this as a larger palette system of sorts with the tech icons inside https://imgur.com/Wq9WIom

    A few more questions since you're working on high-res textures:
    1. For the text textures, what font(s) did you use, is it the same or appear close enough to what is in game? I am similarly curious as to what font I should use as this information is scarce
    2. You mention you haven't released SVG, but do you mean it as far you might consider it, or these were not created as vector art? I obviously prefer not making a duplicate effort but either way the high res texture will be a very useful reference if I need to construct SVGs myself (I was not looking forward to working with the BB data copies because of how low res it is.)

  5. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    So for the fonts I haven't found a close replacement, I went for Google's "Roboto" font for most text because I like it (even if it's not "accurate" in most instances). (All 4 variants were used, Regular / Medium / Bold / Black)

    I mentioned I haven't released SVG because, while I work in a vector format (Adobe Illustrator's propietary "AI" file format), I may only release SVG once I'm done or when I lose interest in the project, mainly because I don't want some people to have access to a "master" file format and be able to claim it their own to spite me or because they can't read a license.

    I also want to mention the fact that my work isn't all that great, I'm not a professional artist, only someone who really likes some forms of art and which tries to learn by doing.
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