Congratulations on 10 million kills!


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Congratulations to all of you on the server's first 10 million kills since we started logging them back at the end of October. :p

As a reward, the following bonuses will be in effect for 10 days! (Until 3/8/2016)

- Rare item drop rate boost of 10%. (Will enable this later tonight when I have some time to reboot the ships and it's quieter because I didn't add the ability to boost it via a command like the other rates, because I didn't think I'd use it. :p)

- 20% boost to the drop anything rate of enemies.

- 20% boost to the rare enemy appearance rate.

- Double experience!

The Valentine's Day quest has also returned and will be present until the White Day event on 3/2/2016. Don't miss your chance to get a Rambling May!

We'll have some other updates for you soon, we're hard at work on some new features.




Oooo, lovely bonuses, good sir. Time to get them Rambling Mays!
And yes, thank you for this great server and for not... I dunno, being bad? LOL.


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some people can't handle success. I CAN.

i know what it comes with ... some people can't handle it. I CAN.

they'll try to close the door on you. just open it. just open it.


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I will be quickly restarting the server @ 09:00 UTC to put the rare item rate boost in. (That's in 3 hours and 19 minutes.)

Look forward to it.


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Fantastic news! Thank you again for the best PSO experience.... ever! (Especially compared to the 'official' experience)

Just a question though:

If the community breaks the goals for this week (such as the 108% double xp goal) would this be activated as usual?



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That would be pretty borken if we had 4x exp, extra 20% DAR and Rare monter on top :p Doubt it will happen though. But 115% rare iten milestone? -puppy eyes-


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Yes, the community goals will stack on top of the bonuses. Already, the community's boost for DAR is applied to the DAR bonus from the event. However, experience wouldn't be 2x, it would be 3x because that's how I coded it to only add "1" and not double.


so damn nice, i havent played pso since i had it on gamecube.

just have to say amazing server, hope it runs for a very long time


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I view this server as a golden age of PSO, and I thought I was done with it for sure. I'm having so much fun here that I've basically quit PSO2 altogether. The progression of new content and the "quality of life" ideas continue to improve the game. The community is excellent, too, which is refreshing.

I, too, hope this place stays around for a long time. I can see myself racking up several Lv. 200's here.