Complete Tethealla Setup (Local Play + MySQL)


(*.*(Local Play)*.*)

Game ON!
PSOBB Game install!
- Click registry install file first
- Install client
- Select 12510

MySQL Install!
- Install normally
- Select Config checkbox (config will happen after install)
- Select Detailed Configuration
- Multi-functional Database
- Manual Setting (amount of users expected)
- Check Enable TCP and Strict mode boxes
- Select Multilingual
- Check Install as a service & include bin dir.
* Setup User name and Password* (These will be updated in your INI)

- BACKUP REPACK! (Before you pull the files and have no clean ini and txt, and exes to revert).
- Create New folder. Name it your Server's name.
- Place Repack files and folders into newly made SERVER folder. (REPACK USED PSOBBC_PC)
- Place LOGIN SERVER folder into main SERVER folder. (spsos Login V0.47)
- Place SHIP SERVER files from its folder into the LOGIN SERVER folder. (spsos Ship v1.43)
- Setup .INI files, SERVER>INI. Username and Password are the same used to setup MySQL
(Tethealla, Ship, Welcome.)
- Copy sql folder into main SERVER folder. (inside the INI you will have to manually enter the Unsername***,Password**,Database=pso_server.sql,PORT 3306)
- Copy those altered .INI files to the Server folder, as well as to the x86>SEGA>PSOBB folder. (I haven't tested if the servers runs without them pasted there. It's only a step I found within readme and or net posts)
- Run the account_add .exe (copy the account.DAT file into the LOGIN SERVER folder, leave one in root SERVER folder as well)
- Run shipkey (copy shipkey into LOGIN SERVER folder)
- Use 12510 EXE's (TethExes010710 REPACK)(COPY .EXE's to x86>SEGA>PSOBB)
- COPY IPUpdater to x86>SEGA>PSOBB, run it to patch your IP ( or PUBLIC IP for open servers not 192.168.*.*) You must patch your IP to the .EXE you will use in this case PSOBB_Localhost for a closed server) These exe's are located x86>SEGA>PSOBB
- Copy Run & Stop batch files into main server folder
- Run Patch server, Login server, Ship server in that order (or hit run batch file)
- Install JAP IME for windows in order to type in the Character name. (Control Panel>Region>ADD>Japanese (you will see ENG or J-IME at the bottom right of windows)

* Careful using the PSOBBserverconfig utility may cause errors.*

(-(EXE File package found on net is TethExes010710)-)
(-(EXE Files contents vonlin, voption, PSOBB_Localhost)-)

+ Windows will give a pop window up to allow the servers access to your computer upon loopback request +

**My Known Errors**
- Client out of date = .EXE does not match the install
- Patch Server issues: Usually relate to the setup of SQL, INI changes or input, PORTS blocked in some cases, Patched IPs are off, or alted .INI or .TXT files.

Explored TIPS:

- If your servers' window open and close fast no worries, to see if servers are active check task manager or the lil triangle icon at the bottom right of windows will tell you whats active.

- If you get a black screen, or game hangs, most likely (IMO) its something to do with your settings, like if you alter the XP gain to high the server will crash sometimes.
- If you alter and INI's back them up before you try to mess with it. More less back up all your files before you start stripping the files from folders and building your server folder.

#I am no coder, I just have a love for this game I've had some many good times while playing this game, I do believe it is the first online RPG of its kind without this there would be no wow really or any other ones I feel. I have gotten a few private servers running for other games. This was definitely the hardest due to the lack of solid how to guides like there is for Wow. I will try to help solve any issues I can revolving around the build I use, I haven't mastered the open server yet. I am trying to master the offline modding before I start doing the open server thing. I can Delete all my files and start over following this guide and the game will run. Some parts may be wrong or overkill but I have no idea this is what I did and can do over n over and it will work. I do not have a working 12513 server O-well. I still do not have a US client so haven't gotten any GM commands to work. I can make items just don't know where to insert the code because in game shows as speech or nothing at all using both US and JAP GM codes ($ or /) yet as soon as I find out where to put the code in the HEX field its over. I will edit as I see errors in my post srry to the inconvience.

Arigato gozaimasu <3
For all your hard work and dedication ^.^




The game install should be pretty straight forward.
The server more or less, but the configuration sometimes gets tricky for the less tech savvy users.

I should upload a login with ItemRT support and compiled for 12513.