Common Drop Mechanics

So I've spent the last few days playing through normal with some friends and have come across something of a potential concern/curiosity. Everyone knows how rare drops work with respect to this server software and it is abundantly clear how to manipulate those drops. But no one ever talks about common drops (and I guess no one really cares too much about them) and since they do kind've matter early game, I had to ask the question:

How are common drops handled in PSOBB? Is it completely server side, or are there elements of it handled by the client? And how are they balanced/handled in Tethe'alla with respect to section ID?

I took a peek at the source code but couldn't seem to find anything right off the bat (though I'm pretty unfamiliar with the code either way).

The biggest reason I ask this question is, after the first 20 levels, the only non-generic items we've found are daggers; we've found buttloads of sabers, handguns and canes tiers 1-3, but, even with several runs through the mines/ruins with a purplenum, no mechguns, and with a skyly, no swords (with them creating the games and leading the party that is). So I must ask, is this balanced much differently than vanilla PSOBB or am I just remembering vanilla PSOBB drops wrong (or are we unlucky)?

I realize that this isn't the biggest concern due to rare drops mostly taking all the priority beyond normal mode, but I feel like it's fairly essential early game for recreating the full "vanilla"-esque experience.

So please, let me know, are my concerns unfounded, are we just victims of bad RNG, or are the common drop mechanics different with tethe'alla?


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1. It's server side, completely.

2. The version of software you're running came out in 2008 and the drop code is completely wrong. You can either redo it yourself or wait for the new version.

I, myself, don't support the old version of the software anymore at all. I leave it up to the community, but you're kinda wasting your time with it if you're trying for a authentic experience as far as drops and items are concerned.
I understand. My concern is not so much for the authentic experience but that my groups gets the items at all. But I have a work around for the time being so we'll make do until the next release.

One last question: are tech disc drops fairly accurate? I figure as long as we are able to get appropriate level techs and rare items, then with my work around we should be absolutely fine until the next release.


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The drops themselves are accurate, but the rates are messed up from what I remember.

It applies a general rate for "Tools" which is adjusted in the ship.ini, the new version uses the ItemPT stuff to do the rates. It does, however, know which techs to drop when it determines it needs to drop a technique.