Charge Needle


Did a quick 'search', and maybe I'm just dumb or blind. Did not find anything though.

Just using bb_items.txt I could not figure out how to make this, am I doing something really easy wrong or is "0C" just conflicting?
I admit I didn't try very hard I got one ???? Orange box and then just got lazy, my apologies for that.

Really just want to confirm if Charge on any S-Rank is easy to do on Tethealla now and also perhaps if there is a newer? version of text file I was using.

Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated.


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S-Ranks can't have Charge. (Source: Same file, just read it more carefully, sir.)

S-Rank Specials:

01: Jellen (Weakens Enemy Attack)
02. Zalure (Weakens Enemy Defense
05: Burning (Fire Attribute)
06: Tempest (Thunder Attribute)
07: Blizzard (Ice Attribute)
08: Arrest (Paralysis)
09: Chaos (Confusion)
10: Kings (Drains Enemy XP)
0A: Hell (1 Hit Kill)
0B: Spirit (Drains 10% of Total TP for Double Damage)
0C: Berserk (Drains 10% of Total HP for Double Damage)
0D: Demon's (Reduces HP to 1/4)
0E: Gush (Steals Enemy HP)
0F: Geist (Steals Enemy TP)


Afaik they can have but you can't add it by any means in-game ofc.
What you have to do is add charge in the byte that holds the "normal weapon" special
So, it should be something like this for a Saber


@Soda, I don't know if it's because you can't add them in game or something but your quote of bb_items is missing these 2 specials, I think I tested TP and it worked, so might have them there for a "more complete description"?
03: HP Regeneration (Slowly regenerates HP?)
04: TP Regeneration (Slowly regenerates TP?)

And in case you want to update the file, following the numbering, this one should go at the end :p
10: Kings (Drains Enemy XP)


Thanks, yeah I knew for sure someone at an earlier point in another server had a Charge Needle via donation or what not.


At some point in Ultima a GM did some sort of event where you would hunt items and get the charge s-rank in exchange, never for donations tho.
Also, iirc, if you make an s-rank with s-rank special (0070XX...), it wil override the other special.